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All about Joe Faracé and his Wood Art and Craft

Joe Farace lives near Caerphilly which is where he crafts the most amazing Art from natural wood.  He takes a piece of wood and from inside the block a shape will come to mind … he then works and crafts the wood until the shape takes form, lovingly sands and finishes it until a piece of WoodArt has been crafted.  Not only is his work Art, it has a function in anyone’s home.  All his work is his own design, inspired by the work of WoodArtists before him.

His love of wood and crafting is drawn from a long tradition in his Anglo-Italian family of working with one’s hands, with natural products. When Joe was a young boy he worked alongside his Italian father, a master carpenter. His Godfather was also a master craftsman working with antique furniture. He also inherits his skill from his British side – his uncle was renowned for his Sussex Trug baskets. 

Of fundamental importance to Joe is making WoodArt accessible to everyone with a range offering a piece to suit every budget – whether it be the WoodArt of his organic boxes, his stunning table centres -  Heart Vases with tea-lights - or his fun mini-boxes, dice pen holders or key rings.

Joe makes specialist boxes too – a 50 box for a Golden Wedding, an 80 for an 80th birthday and bespoke Urns for loved ones.

His range include single, two, 3 and 4 drawer “boxes”, individual tea-light holders, hooks for your keys or dog leads, keyrings, coasters and much more.  Wherever possible Joe uses native Welsh or British woods, European woods where he needs to and very occasionally, because of the beauty of the wood, he will source other hardwoods from reputable saw mills or suppliers.

Joe strongly values his environment and at home has installed his own wood burning stove and solar thermal hot water.  Nothing is wasted, if it’s not crafted, it keeps him warm or gives him hot water!

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