I am really excited to be creating my new  range of Wood Shells.
Nautilus, the giant Elm shell, is a labour of love.    Made from Scottish Elm, an incredibly hard wood (as the hours of hand sanding will attest to along with many broken blades from cutting the segments) with stunning grain.   Here are some photos of Nautilus in the making - unfortunately I did not take photos of the earliest stages. I do hope you can see how it developed. 
The shell is built up from precision cut segments from the same piece of wood - bonded, shaped, sanded and ultimately finished. From front to back it is around 35 cm, standing around 30 cms tall and with a width in the region of 25 cm. 
I entered this into the Taunton Flower Show competition and achieved Second Prize. I spent many more hours burnishing it until it glowed with pride. I have also make a Starfish stand to show it off in all its glory.   

I am developing my new range.  This will include boxes of all shapes and sizes and my NEW and EXCLUSIVE range of Wood Shells  (see photos of the prototype below).

These FIVE drawer boxes, crafted from a single piece of wood, have been created to celebrate my fifth anniversary.  I am now working on a 6 drawer. 

To invest in a unique JoeBox, please do contact me and I can let you know what I have in stock or in progress as I am constantly adding to my collections. Check out my product range and current prices.
If you would like to browse some of my earlier work, then look at my Gallery.  Below are examples of the unique craft I design and make.
I do hope you enjoy browsing through this gallery of my latest creations on this page.  Each of my freeform boxes have their own unique characteristics. 
I offer my craft for sale via Etsy (See my "Buy Now" page) as I believe this offers you, my customer, greatest security. If it is not on Etsy, please contact me

My most recent selection of FARACÉ hand crafted work is on my home page - my range is always changing - see something you like, get in touch ...

All photos on this site are copyright of Joe Farace, trading as Joe Boxes, and cannot be used without prior written permission.

Some of my earlierboxes from 2016

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