Our approach to Energy 

At JoeBoxes we aim to conserve as much energy as possible and use energy from sustainable sources in all aspects -

Materials - Where we can we use locally sourced wood (South Wales and South West) and even our accessories (eg rings and hooks) are sourced from within the UK.  Majority of our wood is from local wood merchants and occasionally local landowners will sell on their home grown wood when they are managing their land.  For the twig pens, we purchase the twigs from Ruperra Conservation Trust, supporting local woodlands.  

Waste - As with all production, waste material is produced.  We have a wood burner so nothing is wasted ... if its not turned into stunning product, it keeps us warm.  Even the sawdust is bagged and saved for the local community bonfire every November.

In our home and workshop, we are proud to source our Gas and Electricity from Bulb - we have been looking for a while for an energy provider who sources their energy from eco/sustainable sources, both Gas and Electricity.  We believe we have found this with Bulb - and it is cost effective too.  They compare very favourably with the main energy providers - why not check for yourself.

Energy Provider-If you decide to switch providers then please use this link - - then not only will you receive £50 but we will also receive a £50 thank you for telling you about Bulb.  (Accurate at time of writing - 18 Jan 2018).

Wrapping your purchases - we have made the decision to switch to paper products to wrap your purchases - we do hope you like our new style of bags and labels - all eco friendly and biodegradable.  The foam to protect your purchase, is recycled from furniture packaging otherwise would have gone to landfill.  We have given it a second usage.

Posting your purchases - when we need to mail you your purchase, we reuse packaging wherever possible and so you might find it arrives in a padded envelope or box which has been used before.  We don't charge for packaging, just for the postage.

Receipts - We are happy to provide paper receipts on request at shows and will, at any time, email you an e-receipt for your purchase.

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