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If you are buying (or own) a Joe Boxes product which holds tea light candles, then please make note of the following safety advice.  You may also be interested in the "T" light burn test document attached which shows the most recent "Burn" test conducted in March 2013.



ü Ensure they are extinguished before going to bed or leaving the house.

ü Keep away from draughts, curtains, bedding or other combustible materials

x Never leave lit tea–lights or candles unattended

x Do not place near dripping taps. 

x Never put spent matches in tea-lights.


 JoeBoxes tea-light holders are designed ONLY for use with metal cup tea-lights.

Always follow manufacturer's instructions.

T light Burn test March 2013.pdf T light Burn test March 2013.pdf
Size : 384.339 Kb
Type : pdf

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